Across the Group

Since 1951 the company group FROER is a successful factor in the region. Formally a company, which was focused in the areas of dental technique, plastic injection molding and production of toys, today the FROER group includes the following companies: Froer Kunststofftechnik GmbH with the core competences of medical and packaging technics, PLAHO Spielwaren GmbH specialized in surface finishing and Frör FVT packaging and transportation logstics GmbH for the production and distribution of beverage crates. With our expertise of decades and existing synergies within the group, we became one reliable and long-year partner for our customers. As a system supplier we construct, produce, finish, install and deliver complete systems or components and distinguish us with a high development performance. We always achieve the technical optimum for our customer.

Our Tradition

Despite our regional and international success of the FROER group, we do not forget our roots. The company group is managed by the third generation and is still a family business, where social competences and flat hierarchies are emphasized. Our managing directors doing hands-on work and stand up for the integration of immigrants and education of promising young people. We offer a save, trustworthy environment over years for our 160 employees.

If you want to learn more about the origin of the FROER group, please visit our history site.

Responsibility and Obligation

Reassuring of the tradition of the FROER group, our lived family character connects us. Not only between managing directors with their employees, but also stands the same obligation towards our customers and suppliers that our action sets a strategic objective. Taking responsibilities for what we are doing and for what we want to reach connects the interest of all. Our success is connected with values, such as:

  • Honesty and Transparency
  • Trustworthy and Reliability
  • Quality and Knowledge

We openly talk about everything what will lead us to meet our goals. Thereby we are honest and sincere to deliver transparency. With this we manage challenges. We do not promise something to our customers or suppliers, which we cannot keep. That is why we stand with our promise for reliability, which maintain our credibility. Existing Knowledge is valuable, but not resistant. Only continuous qualifications and developments of machinery and processes will save our wealth of experience and will lead as a basis for our success in the long-term.

The Companies of the FROER Group