Design, Construction, Prototypes

Your advantages at a glance:

  • V0- capable prototype construction and 0-production-model
  • Numerous cost-effective manufacturing processes
  • Possibility of product testing before production start
  • Possibility of enhancement and prematurely marketing actions
  • Latest technology, mold flow analyses
  • Application of CAD and CAM

Our Workflow

Design and Re-Engineering

With over 60 years of experience within the field of plastic processing, we are able to prepare the idea of the design through to production maturity for you. Thereby we are implementing your design appropriate for the material involved and cost efficient within the CAD system. Using computer simulations we are optimizing the performance of your products. During the entire process our developer and design engineers are working closely together in order to realize your requirements at its best.

Injection Molding Simulation before Tool Manufacturing
Injection Molding Simulation before Tool Manufacturing

Construction of Prototypes

Ahead of the tool development we recommend to construct a prototype with the Rapid Prototype Procedure. As an alternative the production of the prototype can be done by milling, vacuum casting, 3D-printing or with the SLS-procedure. Thereby an availability for you of various number of technical material for production from polymers like elastic materials (e.g. rubber seals) up to flaming-retardant material. This can also be used for the 0-production-model and will be developed quick and flexible thanks to the rapid–manufacturing on the basis of the CAD Data. This should compensate the expenses of tools within series production.

Plastic adequate contruction with CAD
Plastic adequate contruction with CAD

For example through Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) we produce an exact model of your product with whom one can perform heat-, pour- and crash-tests. Furthermore we offer you the possibility to perform close-to-production application tests via EMV- and fire protection-lacquering. In this way it will be possible to remove potential weaknesses before the start of production in order to avoid expensive tool changes. Upon request we refine your prototype in our in-house paint-finishing-shop for the use as part of early marketing campaigns.