Finishing and Assembly

A selection of our Options:

  • Structured lacquer
  • Clear finish
  • Metallic finish
  • High gloss finish
  • Effect finish
  • Color coating
  • 1-K and 2-K component finish
  • EMV-coat


  • All-in-one-system
  • Complete prototype groups from in-house production and purchased parts
  • Devices for complex assembly work
  • Component welding with ultrasound
  • Finishing and preassure

Lacquering and Printing

In addition to tool design and injection molding production the following processes are additional competence areas in our business group: Finishing of products by lacquering, coating or printing and the final assembly. We are producing multi-color lacquering as well as special coating and silk-screen and pad printing method. The variety of our possibilities ranging from editing your products within special lacquering cabins up to automatic serial lacquering.

Surface Coating

We will find the right type of finishing for each of your product. Because of the individualization of each product, we have to adjust surface quality and optic on to the design and purpose of your product. For this our variety of possibilities are available.


All-in-one system - We are taking care of a professional in-house montage and deliver your complete assemblies error-free to your location.

A smooth montage is guaranteed by a constant audit of production, incoming good inspection of purchased parts, a solid machinery park as well as self-constructed devices for complex montages. We are also taking care of the delivery on-time of purchased goods.

We are able to professional perform secure bonding of components (CFK, plastics, metals), embedded thread inserts, ultrasonic welding, print on plastic parts as well as plastic specific packaging.

To get a more detailed look of our procedures, please look into our Showroom