Screen/Pad Printing and In-Mold-Labeling

Your Benefits at a Glance:

  • Printing of your requested design with screen or pad printing
  • Visualization in form of a prototype or digital
  • Optimal presentation of requested motive on plastic, wood, metal or glass
  • Also on complex shaped surfaces
  • Scratch resistance in-mold-label for beverage crates and food containers


To meet your requirements for your product, we offer different types of printing technics to meet the desired surface structure and color as well as individual printing of logos, letterings and other motives. We have the ability with our in-house multi-color screen-printing installation for an optimal presentation of the desired printed image on plastic, wood, metal or glass. If you have filigree or complex surfaces our pad printing installation will be used to produce your product.

In cooperation with our customer´s designer and with the basis of the customers template we deliver an appealing design, e.g. in the field of beverage creates, where the design will come to one’s own. With this the product will be optimal perceived.

All necessary steps will be carefully coordinated and performed. Via prototypes or digital the design will be authentically visualized to have a better basis of decision making for production release.