TSG - Thermoplastic Foam Injection Molding

Advantages and possibilities in thermoplastic injection molding

  • Realization of thick-walled components in thermoplastic injection molding
  • Weight reduction thanks to a foam-like structure
  • High stability and strength
  • Small and large volume TSG parts
  • Custom-fit functional parts
  • Manufacture of TSG parts with large component dimensions
  • Production of TSG parts with variable wall thicknesses
  • High flexibility and freedom in component design
  • Injection weight from 0.5 g - 7,000 g
  • Modern machines from 12 to 1,300 t clamping force

TSG procedure

Thermoplastic foam injection molding (TSG) is an injection molding process that is particularly suitable for the production of thick-walled components and components within which there are differences in wall thickness. In the TSG process, small amounts of propellant are added to the used plastic granulate. If the plastic mixture is then injected into the injection mold, an expansion process begins, in the course of which the plastic expands precisely into every corner of the mold. The result is a TSG component with a light foam structure and a smooth, dense surface.

In addition to their low weight, TSG parts are also characterized by high strength and stability and can take on complex shapes. Due to the uniform expansion of the plastic during the expansion process, there are no sink marks even with differences in wall thickness. The TSG process can be carried out with conventional and environmentally friendly granulates and offers great freedom in the design of wall thickness, size and shape of the components.