Thin-Wall Technology

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Immediate recognizability of content
  • Adaptability through material and design
  • Also for small batches (variation of colors are possible)
  • Also for medium batches (special shapes are possible)
  • Weight-saving and stackable
  • Uncomplicated material and secure sealing
  • Recycle and reusable
  • Variation of standard models for limited editions
  • In-Mold-Labeling for a unique design
  • Optimization of product packaging up to presentation at POS


System Solutions for containers with a Thin-Wall Technology

Besides our implemented offered packaged container, which you already know from the food sector, together with our customers we are constantly pursuing to develop new concepts for special requirements of container packaging. Hence new solutions are developing, with whom we can full-fill requirements and special new features of the packaged goods as well as the production.

One Container - many Applications

The PP-Container is widely spread and is suitable for different goods. In comparison of other packaging units (such as glass) there is a lower liability risk. There is no need of repackaging and it is possible to customize on to the requirements of the products design as well as the chemical and physical characteristic of the product within small and medium batches. Packaging should protect the content, make stocking more easily and lengthen the durability. We will specifically optimize the process and material to your individual application.

Out of this, there are also benefits for the consumer, which are an ad-on in using your product, such as reseal ability, durability, dense sealing until the last withdrawal up to recyclability.


Safety lock against unintentional opening
Safety lock against unintentional opening

Adaptability in Material and Design

Depending on if you rather like to have the packaging more visible to the content or if you like a large degree of noticeable with POS – it is just a question of material! You would like a dazzling surface or a color mix in your corporate colors? Everything is feasible, also in small batches.

The In-Mold-Labeling technique could also be interesting for you. With this your container will get a strong welded and advertisement effective printing.

Individuality through in-mold labeling
Individuality through in-mold labeling

We Tone your Ideas

Our goal is to develop packaging, which are built on detailed solutions together with our customer. We always keep an eye on job specific purposes as well as additional benefits for our customers and consumers. Container build with thin-wall technique are often relatively easy to further develop system solutions. We help you to develop from existing versions to an adapted series production.

Creative aspects are supported by our competent construction with regard to development, construction and design. From either an originated idea of marketing or your production development we actively accompany your project planning – even until POS.


Your packaging in the desired color
Your packaging in the desired color

You can download our brochure "System Solutions for Thin-Wall Technology"